Thursday, May 31, 2012

I have learned some tricks the hard way when learning about how to maximize space!  Let's be real...our house is tiny.  Yes, I LOVE our house but we've had to get creative on how to maximize our space!! Here are a few things that might help you solve your 'my space seems so small' problem!

Find multi-functional furniture pieces!

Using a dresser in a dining room works great!! It usually has more storage than most pieces and if it is low enough, it can be doubled as a desk! We use a dresser in our dining room for random storage as well as my work area!  When the computer is not in use, it serves as a piece of art because we have a screensaver of our favorite photos constantly playing! I spend more time sitting in front of this dresser than anywhere else in our house!

Also think about finding a coffee table with storage options! We have one storage ottoman that we keep all our blankets in! I love being able to hide away all the items you NEED but don't want sitting out all the time! Here are some of my favorites!

ottoman storage

Coffee table storage
PS: If you are wanting an upholstered ottoman, try finding one easy to reupholster yourself!!  
It is so nice to easily switch out fabric when you get tired of them!

Leave your Windows naked! This will help your room to appear more spacious! Heavy or bold curtains are only creating distractions.  Most importantly, it is blocking useful light which makes a room seem larger! 

If you need them for privacy, think about solid, light-weight sheers! They are usually the least distracting!

PS: There is no such thing as Design Rules. (at least in my book!)
Who says you HAVE to have curtains!?

  I said to leave you windows naked....BUT in SOME cases... Long linear curtains make your space seem TALLER!  Tricks are to keep them SOLID, and to hang your rod as high as you can and to let you curtains hang all the way to the floor. 
Have I confused you yet?  If so--hire a designer! :)

 Hang a mirror! Any small space can be helped along by hanging a mirror.  It opens up the space and bounces light around. 


 Put your space on a diet!! You should have space for everything! If something doesn't have a home, either find one or toss the item! The less fuss you have the larger your space will feel...and be! 

Lets be honest...who's pantry looks like this!? I wish! :)
organize organize organize

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joss & Main

I am a huge fan of Joss & Main!  Their deals are almost illegal to pass up! I wanted to make a post today on some of my favorite things I found on their website.  

Its not everyday that the Candice Olson rug collection makes it on Joss & Main!  I love anything Candice Olson because of her choice of color and pattern! I especially love the "Trellice Cloud" & "Arctic" Rugs! 

Visit the website:

Eyedia treasures!

I was on my way home today and decided to pop into eyedia on Mellwood to see what they had! I found a few cool things and thought I would share them with you!

I loved this basket for several reasons! You can't find a basket that looks like this everyday AND it has a top...perfect for concealing the mess thats inside! It was huge and was only $40! 

 Couches like these are pretty easy to find these days! Most people would probably look right over it but if this got reupholstered in a great modern fabric--it would be awesome! The dimensions of these older couches are also nice because they can fit in pretty small places, like a bedroom or nursery.  I would love to see this reupholstered in a fun, colorful, geometric print! 

 I spotted this in the outdoor section and imagined it to be a great island for a farmhouse! I love the rustic style! 

 This table I thought was worth snapping a picture of because I thought it would make a great end table in a living room or outdoor area! Your end tables don't have to always match! This table brings in an eclectic style that can totally change up any space. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Etsy Round Up!

I was talking with a friend last night and we were discussing how these days most items you need for your rooms come from the internet!! Of course, everyone has those Home Goods finds however getting a unique room requires at least a little internet shopping! When shopping online, many people can't trust their decisions!  Just remember before buying, read the entire listing, notice the dimensions and be sure it is going to work and most definitely know exactly what you are buying! Here is a quick round up of some of my favorite online Etsy items! 

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Click on Number to see item listing

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Years ago I started compiling all of my favorite designs! It has really helped me to discover my own style! Whenever you see a room that inspires you cut it out and store it away! Once you have a collection, it is fun to look back! It is also easier to realize the patterns that you are drawn to!  You might not realize some of the things that reoccur in the your photos! I didn't realize how much I liked lime green until I looked back! 
If you are like me, your style is however constantly changing! Just remember the key is finding room that you can LIVE in and absolutely LOVE! Don't fall for room that make you think, "Yeah I kind of like this!" This is great to do before any design project! Run to your local half price books and buy a handful of magazines and rip em up! Remember that it doesn't just have to be rooms! Save other images you are drawn too such as art decor, accessories, stores, etc. I even have some hotel lobbies in my collection! 

Another Tip: Considering we are all on our iPhones more often than the kitchen table cutting up magazines, You can also just keep a photo folder on your phone of your favorite images. Browse on the decor pad app and save the images to your phone! 

Don't feel that you style has be pinned into one category!  The whole purpose is to find YOUR style NOT what style you fall under! 

My favorite interior design magazines:

House Beautiful!
Traditional Home
ELLE Decor
Interior Design

:) Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fabric Friday! 2 days early! :)

Every Friday I plan on featuring fabric! I am a little ahead of schedule but really wanted to make another post this morning! If I have the time I'll post a second set on Friday! 

My absolute favorite thing about design is Fabric!!! Not only it is great for additional texture in a room but the pattern fabrics offer makes your design fun and most importantly, different!!!! The options are endless these days!  Choosing fabrics for you will certainly make your room different! :) I've gathered up some of my favorite fabrics from online fabric stores and wanted you to see! I am a huge pillow fan and love them mostly because they only take ONE YARD of fabric to make! I'm a girl who would much rather pay $50 for an awesome yard of fabric and some pillow guts than a target pillow (that everyone has) for $25! :) Agreed?!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


My latest obsession....the CHEVRON pattern!!! This pattern dates WAY back but today it is a TOP ITEM! It is mod, traditional & eclectic!! If you need to freshen up your space or make your space a little more fun...Chevron's your friend!!! I have recently been trying to incorporate a few pops of pattern into my designs and it never fails me!

Here are some of my favorites chevron items!
Zigzag Rug - Platinum/Ivory/Citron
West elm! My favorite store EVER! It can be pricey but their sales never disappoint me! I love this rug because of the citrusy yellow border! I think this would be ADORABLE in a nursery but could work great in a family room too!

Don't be scared!!! I LOVE the play with the pattern and it works!!! Chevron works with other patterns!

Solid white bedding becomes so cheerful!!! {Image from Craftzine!}

Gallery Frames: Successfully!

Everybody knows how popular Gallery Frames are these days!  However, successfully installing a variety of frames can be tricky!  I can't share ALL my secrets but hopefully this helps encourage you to give it a shot!!!

First decide: if it would be best to have a wall/hallway "wallpapered in frames" OR a simple collection to give your room some extra umph!?

Here are some helpful tips:
-Before you put a single nail in the wall (and your husband gets upset) experiment with different layouts and take pictures from above as you move things around. These pictures will help when you transition from the floor to the wall.

-Use newspaper to cut out the shapes of the frames or objects and tape them to your wall so you can be sure you like the way your grouping looks before you hang anything!

-If you aren't exactly sure where to even start, hang your largest pieces in the center and work your way outward with smaller pieces.

-If you are using different colored frames, be sure to even spread the color for a balanced look!

-If your looking to only have a few frames, always use an ODD number! Usually odd numbers create a more balanced look!

Remember EVERY space and EVERY client is different so take those things into consideration!
Take a look at some of my favorite gallery frame installations below! Feeling confident yet?!

I love this!! Lighting makes SUCH a big difference! 
Notice how the heavy wood frames are evenly distributed!

This is a perfect look for a fun, colorful house!! 
This images proves that all frames don't have to MATCH!

I absolutely love the color of this wall and how it works so well with the black and white frames! Hmm...Fav!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am excited to announce that I am going to be offering Interior Design Services more seriously! Lady of the HOUSE has become Lady of the HOUSE interiors!! :) I am going to be designing for common people who have realistic budgets with modern style.  I am excited about this decision and feel completely inspired by the things around me! For all you who have told me, “I need to hire you to come to my house!”  Here it is!!! I am going to be offering full-design services as well as smaller projects such as one-hour consultations, space planning, artwork, accessorizing, etc. 
This blog is going to be for both my clients as well as myself! I will post anything that catches my eye or might help my clients with their spaces! Contact me if you would like to hear more about information on services I am going to offering! I would love to help you out and hear what you have going on in your home!!!