Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eyedia treasures!

I was on my way home today and decided to pop into eyedia on Mellwood to see what they had! I found a few cool things and thought I would share them with you!

I loved this basket for several reasons! You can't find a basket that looks like this everyday AND it has a top...perfect for concealing the mess thats inside! It was huge and was only $40! 

 Couches like these are pretty easy to find these days! Most people would probably look right over it but if this got reupholstered in a great modern fabric--it would be awesome! The dimensions of these older couches are also nice because they can fit in pretty small places, like a bedroom or nursery.  I would love to see this reupholstered in a fun, colorful, geometric print! 

 I spotted this in the outdoor section and imagined it to be a great island for a farmhouse! I love the rustic style! 

 This table I thought was worth snapping a picture of because I thought it would make a great end table in a living room or outdoor area! Your end tables don't have to always match! This table brings in an eclectic style that can totally change up any space. 

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