about me

Welcome! My name is Lauren and I am your next interior designer! This blog is to primarily get you excited about your house!  This is a business and I am a professional however this blog keeps my day to day business fun and real! I share the projects I am working on both here at the Harp house and in my clients spaces!  I am a true believer that you should love the space you live in!  Here at our house, we (well, mostly me!) are constantly trying to find new fun ways to update, design and organize.  Most importantly, we are trying make this house into our home! And yours too! 

Why should you hire ME as your interior designer?

As an interior designer I can save you time, money and a lot of energy.  I have knowledge about product, know the right people, and understand the PROCESS!  As a designer, many resources are available to me, that might not be available to you.  I have also learned to master helping my clients refresh, reuse and recycle existing furniture, accessories and materials. 

You will find that as a designer I will offer many practical suggestions that you may not have thought about. I will help you to get the most for your designing dollar.  I would bet that you may find the price of doing your project without me is not worth it... Together, Lets get it right the FIRST TIME!

A few other things about me....

 As a designer, I am a risk-taker!

I believe in trusting in your design until the end and never judging a space too early on in the process! There are lots of layers and the final layers are sometimes the most important ones!

I have learned to be completely open with clients and let them know what ISN'T working in their house! I have had to get over that I might occasionally hurt someones feelings.  If I am hired to do a job, I feel it is my responsibility to be completely honest! 

My main goal as a designer is too push my clients to where they need to go and to find out what it will take for them to fall in love with their home!   


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  1. I had an email from Houzz that linked me to professionals in the Kentuckiana area. I was not looking for any work to be done, but was curious if I would recognize any names. I stumbled upon you and then your blog. It's good to find other bloggers in the area (I'm in Floyds Knobs) who are interested in interior design. I don't do it as a job, but just for the love of it!

    If you're interested, feel free to check out my blog at