Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall is here!

I am no longer pushing my wreath making business (obviously focusing on interior design) but I did want to share two with you that I recently made! Hopefully it will get you into the Fall spirit! As if you weren't already ready! :)

On another note, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fall pillows I found on etsy! Love the understated approach!

 Fall Thanksgiving Decorative Pillow Cover Brown Flannel plaid reversible to ivory matelasse 20 x 20
My Favorite: { See Plaid Pillow Here }

One Pair 12" x 16" Handmade Leaf Pillow Covers
 Love { these } too!

Birch Trees Appliqued on Brown Burlap Pillow

spider web halloween pillow - canvas - spooky creepy halloween decoration

NEW - Designer Decorative Throw Pillow Cover - Lattice Print - Chocolate Brown and  Ivory - 18 Inches Square
My Style! { Lattice! } Pillow!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Old Ladder! Basement Project!

Have any of you seen on pinterest the old ladder used for blanket storage?  Garrett and I decided to give it a try! Living in an older house is a plus when it comes to repurposing old things! Its like we have a treasure chest in our basement... all kinds of old, random things.  This ladder was one of them! We wanted it to be distressed which made the project EASY!!! We quickly brushed it off, spray painted it and sanded it! We like the way it turned out and best of was free! We bought NOTHING and it was literally a 30- minute project total! 

Also...Look at the mess we got ourselves in!! Garrett and I want to stay in our house as long as possible which  means we need a completely functional house and need to use every square foot! So this is the project we've started!  Its going to be awhile before it is finished! You cant eat an elephant in a day! :) 

The project includes:
Scrapping the walls to remove all the old paint and loose pieces, clean, waterproof it the best we can, clean again, repaint the walls, clean some more, paint the floors a cool pattern, remove the insulation in the ceiling and paint it, the list continues! 

During this project, I need to remember to tell my sweet, hard-working husband, I love him over and over again! Lets be honest, he does most of the work in this department and I just bring him bologna sandwiches! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wall Decor!

One of the hardest decorating jobs people struggle with other then paint color: Wall Decor!!! 

One reason I think most people struggle is because they automatically assume they should buy a painting or a mirror to fill the empty spot! While mirrors and paintings are great, there are still so many other options for you! I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas! 

Rather than going with one large painting, consider a collection of frames all differing in size, color and texture! Also consider not JUST using photos to fill them! Think about maps, sketches, children artwork, text, postcards, etc. 

.vertical white on white//

Just because you may not be an artist doesn't mean that you can't create your own piece of art! This especially works in a contemporary house! 

DIY wall art

Mirrors are always great!! They usually make a space feel more formal! However, consider changing up the idea! Instead of using an ordinary mirror, think about extra large mirrors, or grouping a set of mirrors together! They will always make a smaller space feel larger and can definitely add some glam!
elegant mirror wall

Large large mirror

large mirror

Large mirror

Shelving is another great way to fill up space! They allow you to either display your favorite pieces, add some personal touches or make your space more functional! When decorating your shelves, keep in the mind to switch up the size of the pieces and keep your numbers of items odd! One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use to many items on their shelves and too small of items! Chances are you don't need as many items as you think you do! Here are some pretty successful shelving installations!

Try to show off what you are passionate about, group likes items together, forget about symmetry, vary the height of accessories, and layer your items!

Shelf decor.

Also consider this idea: Take ONE items and repeat it multiple times! If you find a round mirror your love, buy 3 of them and arrange them randomly on your wall! You are more likely to be successful having the same item repeated then an array of different items. Small items lose their importance, but clustered items give a "designer look!"

Also consider:
Wall Art Sculptures
Vinyl decals
Collection of Vintage Plates
Using trim to make a wall feel more architectural
Hanging fabric corner to corner, ceiling to floor
Lacquered Animal heads :)
Comment and let me know what other ideas YOU have! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Urban Vintage Modern"

Remember when I said I had a red/orange/aqua e-design to share!! I finished it today! Hoping my clients love it! This client is not afraid of color! The couple described their style as "Urban, Vintage, Modern" so I combined a lot of different textures and colors to achieve the look! I cant wait to go visit them and see how everything turned out!!!

As for a paint color... I choose Benjamin Moore's La Paloma Gray! I love how it is a borderline gray but still warm!
BM La Paloma Gray 1551
Let me know what yall think!
Thank you for your business Renee & Justin!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Scott Family E-design!

I am excited to share with you another e-design board I did for a client! They loved how everything turned out and I am so confident everything is going to look fabulous in their new place! This client LOVES gray (obviously) but wanted some color incorporated somewhere so we went with a subtle color on the wall and limited color in the furnishings! Very small touches of green keep it fun and modern cabinetry updated their space tremendously! 

I am working on another design currently that incorporates red/orange and aqua! So different than what is pictured above so check back soon!