Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Carter Harp's Nursery

This blog has been failing lately! Truth is, this past year has been busy…we welcomed a sweet baby boy into the world early January! He has changed our lives and priorities have shifted drastically.  I am extremely overdue on sharing projects.  For now, I'll share my favorite... our own project-- designing Carter's nursery.  If you've read my blog, you know nurseries are my favorite type of project! And even more so, CARTER'S nursery makes my heart want to burst!

I've heard the comments for months, your nursery is so unrealistic! It's light! But my mentality is this… I don't care! :) I love this space and it has proven to be an extremely functional space for our family in so many ways! Everything is washable (which we do plenty of) and all of these pieces will transition perfectly as Carter grows! 

crib: RH baby and child
light: crafted by my talented husband

chair: home goods, garrett added the rocking legs
side table: rolling laundry basket with barrel top

shelves: crafted by my talented husband with galvanized pipe and reclaimed wood

wall storage: bins from home goods, crafted by my talented husband 

lamps: home goods

train: etsy

ottoman: rh baby and child

felted animal heads: rh baby and child

All for this sweetie...

And of course, already growing so fast…