Thursday, May 31, 2012

I have learned some tricks the hard way when learning about how to maximize space!  Let's be real...our house is tiny.  Yes, I LOVE our house but we've had to get creative on how to maximize our space!! Here are a few things that might help you solve your 'my space seems so small' problem!

Find multi-functional furniture pieces!

Using a dresser in a dining room works great!! It usually has more storage than most pieces and if it is low enough, it can be doubled as a desk! We use a dresser in our dining room for random storage as well as my work area!  When the computer is not in use, it serves as a piece of art because we have a screensaver of our favorite photos constantly playing! I spend more time sitting in front of this dresser than anywhere else in our house!

Also think about finding a coffee table with storage options! We have one storage ottoman that we keep all our blankets in! I love being able to hide away all the items you NEED but don't want sitting out all the time! Here are some of my favorites!

ottoman storage

Coffee table storage
PS: If you are wanting an upholstered ottoman, try finding one easy to reupholster yourself!!  
It is so nice to easily switch out fabric when you get tired of them!

Leave your Windows naked! This will help your room to appear more spacious! Heavy or bold curtains are only creating distractions.  Most importantly, it is blocking useful light which makes a room seem larger! 

If you need them for privacy, think about solid, light-weight sheers! They are usually the least distracting!

PS: There is no such thing as Design Rules. (at least in my book!)
Who says you HAVE to have curtains!?

  I said to leave you windows naked....BUT in SOME cases... Long linear curtains make your space seem TALLER!  Tricks are to keep them SOLID, and to hang your rod as high as you can and to let you curtains hang all the way to the floor. 
Have I confused you yet?  If so--hire a designer! :)

 Hang a mirror! Any small space can be helped along by hanging a mirror.  It opens up the space and bounces light around. 


 Put your space on a diet!! You should have space for everything! If something doesn't have a home, either find one or toss the item! The less fuss you have the larger your space will feel...and be! 

Lets be honest...who's pantry looks like this!? I wish! :)
organize organize organize

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