Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gallery Frames: Successfully!

Everybody knows how popular Gallery Frames are these days!  However, successfully installing a variety of frames can be tricky!  I can't share ALL my secrets but hopefully this helps encourage you to give it a shot!!!

First decide: if it would be best to have a wall/hallway "wallpapered in frames" OR a simple collection to give your room some extra umph!?

Here are some helpful tips:
-Before you put a single nail in the wall (and your husband gets upset) experiment with different layouts and take pictures from above as you move things around. These pictures will help when you transition from the floor to the wall.

-Use newspaper to cut out the shapes of the frames or objects and tape them to your wall so you can be sure you like the way your grouping looks before you hang anything!

-If you aren't exactly sure where to even start, hang your largest pieces in the center and work your way outward with smaller pieces.

-If you are using different colored frames, be sure to even spread the color for a balanced look!

-If your looking to only have a few frames, always use an ODD number! Usually odd numbers create a more balanced look!

Remember EVERY space and EVERY client is different so take those things into consideration!
Take a look at some of my favorite gallery frame installations below! Feeling confident yet?!

I love this!! Lighting makes SUCH a big difference! 
Notice how the heavy wood frames are evenly distributed!

This is a perfect look for a fun, colorful house!! 
This images proves that all frames don't have to MATCH!

I absolutely love the color of this wall and how it works so well with the black and white frames! Hmm...Fav!!!

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