Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fabric Friday! 2 days early! :)

Every Friday I plan on featuring fabric! I am a little ahead of schedule but really wanted to make another post this morning! If I have the time I'll post a second set on Friday! 

My absolute favorite thing about design is Fabric!!! Not only it is great for additional texture in a room but the pattern fabrics offer makes your design fun and most importantly, different!!!! The options are endless these days!  Choosing fabrics for you will certainly make your room different! :) I've gathered up some of my favorite fabrics from online fabric stores and wanted you to see! I am a huge pillow fan and love them mostly because they only take ONE YARD of fabric to make! I'm a girl who would much rather pay $50 for an awesome yard of fabric and some pillow guts than a target pillow (that everyone has) for $25! :) Agreed?!

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