Saturday, June 9, 2012

Out with the Brown, In with the Gray!

I read an article recently that suggested GRAY was only the hot color-of-the moment for 2012.  Color for the moment?  I think its going to around for awhile! I had a friend text me the other day saying, "I love gray and canary yellow!"   I dittoed that comment! Its one of my favorites combos also!

Gray is such a great background color for all the pops of color that are quickly replacing all the of the "earth tones." Bright colors are definitely coming back! And go great with GRAY! 

I thought I would share a little bit of advice on what I know is true about GRAY!

1.  Decide whether you want your gray to have a green, purple or blue undertone.

If you pull up all three colors, it might be easiest to see the differences.  

2. Consider your existing elements in your room! 

Take into account the things that will be REMAINING in your room! If your dated stone fireplace will stay (because you don't have the cash flow to fix it) notice the grout color! It is probably a putty color, which would fit better with a green undertone gray than a blue one! 

3. Think about your LIGHTING!

If you have a bright lighted room, go with a paler gray! It will change with the sunlight throughout the day! If your room is dark, choose a gray with some depth as you will NEED lighting to bring some life into your room! 

4. Pick your FABRIC before your PAINT!

I am a huge follower of this tip! It is easily explained:  There are a trillion paint colors, not a trillion fabrics! In other words, don't go and test 5 shades of gray on your walls before you paint.  The chances that ONE is going to jump out at you are RARE without other main components! 

Here are some of my favorite gray inspirations!

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